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Hanspeter Mohler elected as President of VCAS

  • Hanspeter Mohler succeeds Giulio Micheli as new VCAS President, who had announced his resignation after 5 years of dedicated service as President of the Vending & Coffeeservice Association Switzerland.

    Hanspeter Mohler, former long-time member of the management of Selecta Switzerland, will take over the Presidency of VCAS Switzerland from May 2022. He was already actively involved in VCAS as a board member for many years before.

    After 2 years of pandemic, the vending industry is facing the changed working environment and the new needs that have arisen. The conversion to contactless payment has largely taken place. The economically and ecologically efficient use of energy and resources is becoming increasingly important. The need for balanced, varied nutrition in the workplace has increased, and the services and offerings available in the marketplace are impacting the logistics, assortments and operations of our members.

    As association president, he will have an open ear to the many issues VCAS members are facing. Together with suppliers, authorities and customers, it is important to take the next step and to tackle changes where they make sense and bring success.

    Hanspeter Mohler

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