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NAVSA celebrates its AGM in Paris 

  • After two years of virtual meetings, NAVSA, the French Vending association, could again organise in-person its Annual General Assembly meeting (AGM) on 19 May in one of the beautiful and historic buildings of the Cité Universitaire de Paris. 

    With about 60 people attending, the President Pierre Albrieux and the two Secretary-Generals, Diane Thomas and Yoann Chuffart presented the financial situation of the association as well as the numerous activities that were undertaken throughout 2021. Related to public affairs, both Secretary-Generals managed to have several meetings with cabinets of ministers and formed alliances with like-minded trade associations to get messages across with more weight and pressure. The challenges were numerous and the activities of the organisation show how important it is to monitor legislation and to advocate with the right strategy. As Yoann Chuffart mentioned in his speech, this work can only be done when the experts of the industry share their knowledge and their concerns with the association. 

    Erwin Wetzel, the Director General of the EVA, had the opportunity to present the activities of the organisation especially related to EU public affairs and explained that the collaboration with NAVSA was essential to have a common approach. The EVA appreciates this type of events where the services we offer can be explained directly to the members of a National association. In the audience many representatives of other trade associations were pretty impressed by the achievements of the EVA in terms of lobbying despite smaller resources compared to other European trade associations. 

    Finally, the EVA will support NAVSA in upcoming events in 2022 and 2023 which is a good initiative to keep the bonds tight with all the players. 

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